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Ina Mackinnon

Alba is led by Ina, an independent adviser, accredited in UK, Australia and Singapore, with extensive knowledge and practical experience in Trading Compliance, Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

Ina has a global prospective with a progressive compliance vision, providing a thorough and creative solutions to the businesses.


Alba MD is led by INA MACKINNON, a Singapore based professional Compliance Consultancy experienced in Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance. Ina’s proven strong entrepreneurial spirit and leadership and diverse 16 years of professional experience in various regulatory supervised sectors of Capital Markets assures high level of unparalleled standard in servicing our valued clients with an uncompromised perfection, keeping competitive business models compliant with relevant and all-inclusive sector relevant rules and regulations.

Ina’s specialty is developing and managing Compliance Monitoring Programmes planning and monitoring frameworks, assessing capital, operational and compliance exposures applying quantitative and qualitative analyses, identifying risks and implications.

Why Us

Financial institutions are under pressure to comply with a multitude of complex regulations, a time-consuming and costly exercise, viewed by most as a burden to the business. We believe regulatory technology and world leading innovations is a natural extension of traditional compliance in the modern world.

We know and speak efficiency, volumes and client retention starting with a fast KYC, AML and customer onboarding, executive compliance and risk assessment.

We give you access to our extensive knowledge, expertise, and carefully-built relationships.

Stay Competitive and Compliant. Protect your Reputation and brand from collateral damage.



  • Expertise in new regulatory compliance initiatives and Change Management
  • Strong experience in Conduct Risk, AML/CFT surveillance and monitoring, customer and third-party Due Diligence and Know Your Customer processes.
  • Comprehensive compliance tools for running a successful and regulatory compliant business, including financial institutions Compliance Manual inclusive of adequate and relevant Policies and Procedures, design and effective implementation of risk controls framework to minimise corporate regulatory exposure in various jurisdictions.
  • Customised services to registered and licensed capital market participants including OTC market operators and intermediaries holding
    • Capital Markets Services License (CMSL) and CMS license registered under Boutique Corporate Finance Advisor Scheme (BCF)
    • Financial Advisers License and
    • Licensed and registered Fund Management Companies (LFMC and RFMC)
  • Practical recommendations to foreign financial institutions wishing to extend its presence into Singapore with the initial corporate structuring stage through to the gant of a license allowing to engage in regulated activities, as defined under Securities and Futures Act.
  • Assisting with startup process, designing viable structures focused on long term success, firm market presence, advising on your business development and legal needs.
  • We look after your ongoing requirements, assess your compliance programmes offering a comprehensive gap analysis, complete with solutions and controls to minimize the risks.
  • Focused Compliance Training of your front and back office, promoting an ethical culture of compliance.



Compliance Outsourcing is a proven and viable option to your inevitably growing in house compliance department in today increasing speed and frequency of regulatory changes.

Growing your business should not mean high cost. We are a boutique sized support firm supporting your compliance teams, respecting the legacy and complexity of your systems and desire to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are reading this it means you are looking for alternatives for various reasons:

  • Your compliance executives might not have relevant experience in specific aspects of international financial compliance
  • You are considering applying for MAS license, in need for an obligation free initial consultation or full scope assessment and assistance with supporting documents for a successful application
  • You might need a clarification in reporting obligations, its format and time frame,
  • Client Categorisation incl new OptIn/OptOut Regime which offers extended safeguards to your accredited investors, requiring you to adjust your policies and procedures, directly impacting on business you are permitted to take on.
  • You require templates, forms designed in accordance to your business specifics.
  • Any other specific Compliance implications on your overall business model and any exemptions your business might be eligible to.

Financial Institutions of different sizes partner with us on on-going basis to ensure everyday compliance.


Stay Competitive and Compliant

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