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Ina Mackinnon

Alba is led by Ina, an independent adviser, accredited in UK, Australia and Singapore, with extensive knowledge and practical experience in Trading Compliance, Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

Ina has a global prospective with a progressive compliance vision, providing a thorough and creative solutions to the businesses.

Why Us

Financial institutions are under pressure to comply with a multitude of complex regulations, a time-consuming and costly exercise, viewed by most as a burden to the business. We believe regulatory technology and world leading innovations is a natural extension of traditional compliance in the modern world.

We know and speak efficiency, volumes and client retention starting with a fast KYC, AML and customer onboarding, executive compliance and risk assessment.

We give you access to our extensive knowledge, expertise, and carefully-built relationships.

Stay Competitive and Compliant. Protect your Reputation and brand from collateral damage.

Stay Competitive and Compliant